Terms and Conditions

Ransomware. Cyberattacks. Increased cost of IT security and data protection. Complexities. Budget cuts. Tired of bad headlines?

What if we told you there was a way to reduce your costs, remove the complexity, and prevent the consequences of downtime entirely?

NOW YOU CAN, with Arcserve's EXCEPTIONAL OFFER for customers who buy Arcserve Appliances between October 1st, 2020-December 25th, 2020. 

  • Buy Arcserve 9000 series appliance with minimum 3 years Maintenance
  • Receive 1 year of FREE Cloud Hybrid TBs, equivalent to usable capacity of the purchased appliance


  • Create a perfect Cybersecurity and Data protection for end-to-end, onsite/off-site protection plan to simplify and amplify Data Protection and mitigate Data Loss.
  • Execute 3-2-1 rule by creating three copies of your data, storing them on two different media, with one of them being stored off-site. 
  • Bring cybersecurity and data protection into a single, central management hub to reduce the complexity and security vulnerabilities associated with having multiple vendors supporting multiple tools across your environment. 
  • Reduce your costs - up to 25% savings

Promotion details

Customers who buy Arcserve 9000 series appliances are eligible to receive 1 Year of FREE Cloud Hybrid for the equivalent number of TBs of usable capacity of the purchased appliance model. 

The following conditions apply:

  • Arcserve UDP Appliance must be bought with minimum 2 Year Maintenance
    • Customer can select Gold or Platinum Maintenance
    • Can use 5 Year Maintenance option
  • Arcserve Free Cloud Hybrid is limited to 1 Year Subscription with 1 Year Retention
    • Any additional subscription term, if required, shall be bought at recommended standard pricing
  • Arcserve UDP Cloud Hybrid Secured by Sophos (Amazon AWS) BaaS only*
  • Maximum number of free of charge TBs per model is equivalent to usable capacity of the appliance

*Additional charges may apply when using Milan, Bahrain and Cape Town AWS sites

Example 1

  • Customer buys Arcserve UDP Appliance 9096DR with 3 Year Gold Maintenance
  • Customer is eligible to receive Free 32TBs of Cloud Hybrid 1 Year Subscription with 1 Year Retention

Example 2

  • Customer buys Arcserve UDP Appliance 9144DR with 5 Year Platinum Maintenance 
  • Customer is eligible to receive Free 48 TBs of Cloud Hybrid 1 Year Subscription with 1 Year Retention

General Terms and Conditions

  1. All deals must be registered with Arcserve through your preferred channel partners, qualified, validated and approved by Arcserve Sales team. 
  2. Deals must be registered using promotion code Appl_Free CH_FY21 and closed between October 1st, 2020 and December 25th, 2020.  Distributors must include Appl_Free CH_FY21 when placing an order to Arcserve.
  3. No additional discount can be applied, nor can this Promotion be combined with any other promotion.
  4. Product(s) purchased under this Promotion may only be purchased for a single customer. 
  5. This promotion cannot be applied to existing Arcserve Cloud Hybrid customers for renewed subscriptions.
  6. All products are sold with applicable maintenance for appliances and retention term for cloud products.
  7. Upon expiration, Arcserve UDP Cloud subscriptions and Arcserve Appliance Maintenance do not automatically renew. 
  8. This Promotion does not modify or alter any warranties applicable to the appliance.
  9. All other products and options which do not form part of this Promotion should be purchased at suggested prices. 
  10. Appliances Partner Demonstration units are not eligible for this Promotion.
  11. No returns will be accepted for deals qualified for this Promotion after such deals have been accepted and processed by Arcserve.
  12. Duplicate deals will be disqualified from this Promotion. 
  13. Customer is responsible for all shipping fees, taxes, and other fees applicable.
  14. Arcserve reserves the right at any time to terminate, extend, or modify the Promotion, any benefit, or eligibility requirements in anyway with or without cause and without notice.
  15. Arcserve reserves the right to exclude any participants that it deems do not meet the Promotion requirements or whose conduct violates the spirit of the Promotion.  Arcserve’s decision regarding eligibility for participation in this Promotion shall be final and conclusive. 

Legal Copy

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